A professional broadcaster for over thirty years, Simon became a well-known personality through his work with the BBC on Children's BBC, But First This, Top of the Pops and The O Zone and at ITV on GMTV, Granada, HTV West, Westcountry and Meridian. He now presents Simon Parkin In The Morning on BBC Somerset.

Born 11th April 1967 and now it’s been mentioned he will expect a card. His earliest ambition was to be an actor, however at the tender age of seven he made a discovery that was to change his life… that being a DJ seemed easier than playing James Bond. This was a traumatic time that left him shaken, but not stirred...
​​​​​​​After spending his teenage years learning his craft at a local hospital radio station, in May 1987 he became a professional when he joined Radio Tees, the local radio commercial station for Teeside. Within months he’d moved into television as one of the presenters of the now legendary Children’s BBC Broom Cupboard. He spent the next five years with the corporation working (if you call it that) on programmes like The Ozone, But First This, CBBC2 and Top Of The Pops, as well as keeping his hand in with a bit of radio on the side on the BBC’s London station GLR and nationally on BBC Radio Five.
In true Darth Vader style in 1992 he was lured over to the dark side (or ITV as it’s known) where he became one of the launch stars of the new breakfast television station GMTV. In the years that followed he worked across the ITV network presenting programmes for Yorkshire Television, Granada, HTV West, Westcountry and finally Meridian, where he presented the weather on the nightly news programme until 2017.

Simon currently presents the weekday news and magazine programme Simon Parkin In The Morning on BBC Somerset. Simon has lived in Somerset since 1998, with his wife Celina, his two unruly children Emily and Charlie, and Pebble, the even more unruly dog.
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